Language and stories are for certain times and places.  

Over time the meanings of words change.  Common words are dropped from the lexicon and new words are added. How words are pronounced also changes, upsetting the flow and rhythm of how a story is told.

I don’t go to  Shakespearian plays because I don’t understand the language. To me the words that are spoken are indecipherable. It might be English, but it is an English that I can’t understand.

Carlos Castaneda was a writer whose stories had a time and a place.  When I was young, he changed my view of the world with his writings.

I would like to pick up his books and read some of them again, but I have changed, and the world has changed. I doubt that I would appreciate his stories as I once did. I don’t want to lose the magic world that these stories created in me,  and so I leave them in their time, and in their place.

All of this was just an introduction to today’s meditation: “Power Places”. I was introduced to this concept by Carlos Castaneda.  Thank you Carlos, your stories changed my world.

Is it no wonder that Carlos recently wrote a book  entitled, “The Power of Silence”, how could he not write such a piece!

Power Places:

In his novels, Carlos Castaneda

called them Power Places.

You will know when you have found one.

A change in your viewing,

A change in your being, 

A stopping:

In a “Power Place”

Everything becomes crisp, clear, 

and alive

A stillness settles in your soul

All is quiet

All is stillness.

The great Unfolding is felt

in all its beauty

These places are not rare,

The world brims with them.

To find one, 

All you have to do is STOP


Look around

and you will find

a Power Place.

You will find many 

such places!

Make it a habit to regularly visit

These places.

Take a deep breath


Allow the stillness in these places 

to seep into your soul.

The stillness of these places

will change you

Don’t force this change

Allow it;

This transformation, 

This blossoming,

Just, allow it,

The change will be felt as a blessing;

Sometimes it will be too much

The beauty will overwhelm you.

You will close your eyes and push the beauty away.

That’s OK- - - 

Small steps

will take you there.

It is OK to push it away.

The beauty IS overwhelming

The beauty will be there when you are ready.

Ready to dive a little deeper

Ready to fall into the Universal breath

To disappear completely into its embrace.

This stillness, this beauty is patient, 

When the stillness in you is as patient, 

When the Stopping is complete,

Union Happens,

Yoga Happens.

Everywhere becomes a Power Place.

Everything has a Power - - 


It is Beautiful

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