Good Mourning

Good Morning

Morning and mourning:
One denotes a new day, one denotes a condition of the human experience. How is it possible that these two words have the same pronunciation.

I can’t believe that it is an accident.

Perhaps there was a time in the human experience when loss was so pervasive that
people actually greeted each other with an understanding of the felt loss that
was shared by all. “Good mourning”, I understand the depth of your hurt, your loss,
you suffering. I understand the loss that you carry, but, try, if you can, to carry this load lightly, don’t let it consume you. Good mourning.....

There is an ancient proverb:

A person is born crying, and then, when they have cried enough tears, they are allowed to die.

Good mourning....
Yoga is about overcoming the sadness in life by discovering the bliss underlying all things. Good morning;
Move beyond mourning into a new morning.
A new morning of life beyond the duality of pleasure and pain.
And how to come to this new morning...
With breath, and with movement.
Stop the chattering mind - -
Find the quiet space between thoughts.
There you will find your new morning....
Its beauty never diminishes, its newness is always fresh,
Every moment a new beginning.....

Many Bessings, 


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